Here’s to a fresh reaction and review of ‘Welcome 2 Life‘, the MBC Korean Drama starring Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) and Lim Ji-yeon. We’ll look at a review of the Korean Drama ‘Welcome 2 Life’ episodes 1 and 2. ‘Welcome 2 Life’ marks Lim Ji-yeon’s first weekday Korean Drama lead role and Rain’s comeback to the big screen after his role in the 2016 Romantic Comedy ‘Come Back Mister’.

Network: MBC
Rating: 9/10
Year: 2019
Episodes: 32
Cast: Jung Ji-hoon, Lim Ji-yeon
Where to watch: Viki

After just watching the first 2 episodes, I’m hooked. I just have to know what happens next! So let me tell you why. 

***Spoilers Below***

Quick Summary

The show starts off with the news of a rich chaebol who sexually assaults a female college student and also beats up a male student who was trying to stop him. 

Lee Jae-Sang (starring Rain) is a go-getter lawyer with a meticulous record who represents the rich and helps them evade the law.

Ra Shi-On (starring Lim Ji-yeon) is a police detective who is passionate about solving cases and is not interested with the rich always getting away. They oftentimes find themselves in the same courtrooms but on different sides

Credit: MBC

Just another Hate-to-love drama?

The first episode, not going to lie was a little boring. There wasn’t any action and the whole lot of backstory felt slow and predictable. Looks like the drama is going to be about two people with contrasting views on life, they don’t like each other at first but slowly through moments together, end up loving each other.  

Credit: MBC

What’s with Ra Shi-On constantly smacking Lee Jae-Sang?

Shi-On deals with her anger towards always losing cases by hitting Jae-Sang after Jae-Sang wins trials. I found that hilarious but didn’t know why Jae-Sang just kept letting her do that. I thought was a little stupid and over-the-top. Looks like it is mediocre comedy-relief. Hopefully there’s more to this mystery.

And…Yes there was. We learn that when Jae-Sang was in college, he was falsely accused of assaulting an innocent man on the streets even though he was really preventing that man from sexual assaulting a girl. Shi-On had helped vindicate Jae-Sang and hoped that Jae-Sang would in the future become an upstanding lawyer helping others in need. Unfortunately, it looks like that hope had aged like milk…for now.    

Credit: MBC

The Murder Scene 

I was doubting if they were really going to show it. In my opinion, it’s a rarity for Korean dramas to show scenes where victims are murdered or show their dying corpses. I was not expecting the victim to actually die and for the camera to actually show us her corpse. This scene really did it for me. I was instantly more interested. This show had the guts to get dark and while keeping it as a Romantic-Comedy.

Credit: MBC

Light-hearted but dark

I’m in love with Romantic Comedies that revolve around a dark theme. ‘Welcome 2 Life’ achieves this really well. It has its funny and clumsy scenes and also its more serious, grim moments that entice and excite.

Credit: MBC

Lim Ji-yeon’s acting is Superb

Ra Shi-On (Lim Ji-yeon) portrays an all-serious-fight-for-justice cop. Throughout the first two episodes she is this pissed off tomboy who looks down on Lee Jae-Sang. So at the end of Episode 2, Lee Jae-Sang wakes up in a parallel world where Ra Shi-On is his wife and they are married. When she comes into the room just after showering and calls him ‘honey’ and acting all cute, oh my gosh, I had so many feels because that scene was so hot!

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