Here is our VIP Korean drama review and reaction to episode 3 and 4. Enjoy.

Network: SBS
Year: 2019
Episodes: 16
Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays
Cast: Jang Na-ra, Lee Sang-yoon, Lee Chung-ah
Where to watch: Viki

Quick Drama Synopsis

Show takes place amongst co-workers as they work to satisfy their VIP clients at a high-end department store. Na Jung-Sun (Jang Na-Ra) and her husband Park Sung-Joon (Lee Sang-Yoon) lead the team. Na Jung-Sun starts getting suspicious and suspects that her husband may be cheating on her with someone at the company.

Quick Episode Summary (3 & 4)***Spoilers Below***

Here’s the previous summary if you missed it. Episode 3 starts out with a flashback to the story of how Jung-Sun fell in love with Sung-Joon. Afterwards, it goes back to the cliffhanger from episode 2 where Jung-Sun catches Sung-Joon lying at the hotel and starts to confirm her suspicion that he is cheating. He doesn’t deny it, yet doesn’t really confirm it either. However, Jung-Sun infers that he is cheating. Meanwhile at the office, while the team is planning to do a collaboration with a famous shopping personality Cha Se Rin, Jung-Sun starts stalking one of her coworkers, Song Mi-Na. Jung-Sun first goes through Mi-Na’s phone and then stalks Mi-Na when Mi-Na goes to pickup her kid. After failing to find what she’s looking for, Jung-Sun tearfully decides to give her husband one more chance to recover from their collapsing relationship.

Episode 4 starts out with another flashback to a honeymoon phase of the Sun-Joon couple, kissing on the bed and getting all touchy with each other. Back to the present, Mi-Na has her own problems and is looking to separate from her own useless husband. Yoo-Ri, the junior employee who was placed onto the team due to her “connections” is facing blowback from others who don’t approve of how she got to where she is. Lastly, Hyun-A faces a threat from creditors who are out for her mother’s debts. Hurt and sad, she is comforted by Sung-Joon. However, right at that moment, Jung-Sun spots them together and put everyone in a tough spot.

Credit: SBS

Love the writing that keeps us guessing. We keep going back and forth between Mi-Na and Hyun-A as the usual suspects.

Prediction: But why do I have a feeling that Sung-Joon isn’t actually cheating on anyone at the office. But I think someone in the office must know about the affair and that’s the person who tipped off Jung-Sun. I vote Hyun-A the one who tipped off Jung-Sun about the affair. If there’s an affair going on, it’s no one at the office.

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