Here is our VIP Korean drama review and reaction to episode 1 and 2. VIP is in its second week and going strong with very high ratings on the Monday and Tuesday time slots. Ratings are growing with each episode. Here is our Korean drama review on VIP for episode 1 & 2.

This show is really good. My favorite this Fall season.

Network: SBS
Year: 2019
Episodes: 16
Runtime: Mondays & Tuesdays
Cast: Jang Na-ra, Lee Sang-yoon, Lee Chung-ah
Where to watch: Viki

Quick Drama Synopsis

Show takes place amongst co-workers as they work to satisfy their VIP clients at a high-end department store. Na Jung-Sun (Jang Na-Ra) and her husband Park Sung-Joon (Lee Sang-Yoon) lead the team. Na Jung-Sun starts getting suspicious and suspects that her husband may be cheating on her with someone at the company.

Quick Episode Summary (1 & 2)***Spoilers Below***

Introduces each character who work together in the VIP team at Sung-un department store. Each character though perfectly normal to the outside holds secrets that they struggle with. Na Jung-Sun is a happy wife and believes she is in an amazing marriage. Soon, she receives an anonymous text telling her that her husband is cheating on her with another person on her team. She becomes paranoid at everyone around her and starts believing more and more that it could be true. One night, after a company dinner, Jung-Sun follows her husband to see where he is going so late at night.

Main Lead is Expressionless Majority of the Time

VIP episode 1 and 2
Credit: SBS

Really not too impressed by main lead’s character. Aside from the fact that there is something fishy going on with him, the guy has had his poker face on for the last two episodes. I know they are planning to reveal his character more and fill us in on what exactly he’s really up to but dang is his character really mild. Why would anyone want to be with him? ;()

Secret Affair Vibes

VIP secret affair
Credit: SBS

This show is the only other show I have watched that reminds me of Secret Affair. If you aren’t familiar with Secret Affair, it’s on Netflix and Viki. They both have the obvious affairs and “intimacy” that many of the more mainstream K-comedies/dramas lack. Both shows are both more steamy than most others.

Mysterious Nuances FTW!

VIP nuance
Credit: SBS

I really enjoyed the camera cuts (that has happened a few times) where they keep us guessing who is having the affair with the husband. They obviously don’t want to tell us, so instead purposely keep us guessing between all four women. I have a small prediction that he isn’t cheating on anyone.

What I love even more is how direct this show is. It’s realistic, cynical and doesn’t add filler. All the characters are smart and can totally see something live like play out in real life.

Here’s the next episodes 3 & 4’s review!

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