Here is our Vagabond Korean drama review and reaction to episode 5. Vagabond is in its third week and still going strong with very high ratings on the Friday and Saturday time slots. Here is our Korean drama review on Vagabond for episode 5. If you haven’t read the previous reviews and reactions for episode 4, go here.

The first Korean drama to film in Morocco, Vagabond also reunites our two leads, Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy. They acted opposite of each other in the 2013 drama, Gu Family Book. Other filming locations include Lisbon, Portugal and Korea.

Network: SBS and Netflix
Year: 2019
Episodes: 32
Runtime: Friday & Saturdays @ 10:30am EST on Netflix
Cast: Lee Seung-gi, Bae Suzy, Shin Sung-rok
Where to watch: Netflix


Quick Episode Summary

Cha Dal-gun confronts Jessica Lee and her crew of John & Mark associates. She denies that the plane crash was an act of terrorism and dismisses Dal-gun. Meanwhile, Go Hae-ri tries to find out what happen to the video recording that was stored at NIS. She finally records a conversation with her and Ki Tae-Woong that proves that the video file was tampered with by orders of the NIS director. Dal-gun takes that recording to meet with the President at the Blue House and exposes to the reporters and plane crash victims that the plane crash was an act of terrorism. Seems like everyone believes him now.

Cha Dal-gun is slowly losing his edge

Credit: SBS

In this episode, Dal-gun goes to the Blue House where the President resides to seek help from the top officials of the nation to investigate and get to the bottom of the plane crash. Problem is, the Blue House is involved in the conspiracy and they all just want to get rid of Dal-gun. Until now, Dal-gun has been pretty good at suspecting people. After all, he’s at least been the target of 5 separate assassination attempts by now. In the next episode, we’ll see how he deals with finding out that even the President is in on the terrorism.

Jessica Lee is not the puppet master

Credit: SBS

I have a hunch that the real culprit behind the plane crash and the secret dealings is someone who the show has not yet revealed to us. Jessica Lee seems to only be a piece of the whole puzzle. She doesn’t seem to be in control, especially after her subordinates are giving out commands and staging assassination attempts without her approval.

Who is ‘Shadow’?

Credit: SBS

The end of the episode reveals that Jessica Lee has called someone by the name of ‘Shadow’ to come to deal with Cha Dal-gun. Obviously, Dal-gun has become a huge problem to not be dealt with yet. The episode didn’t show with this ‘Shadow’. All we know is that this will be the first time Jessica Lee will meet him (which backs up the claim that she isn’t the puppet master, or else she would have known who ‘Shadow’ was). ‘Shadow’ is shown wearing a suit. All my bets are that Shadow is Ki Tae-Woong. So far, Ki Tae-Woong has been shown to be a good guy but it probably was all an attempt to mask a bigger plan that he has in mind. A plan that goes that beyond a plane crash.

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