Here is our Vagabond Korean drama review and reaction to episode 3. Vagabond is currently in its second week with very high ratings on the Friday and Saturday time slots. Here is my Korean drama review on Vagabond for episode 3. If you haven’t read my review and reaction for episode 2, go here.

The first Korean drama to film in Morocco, Vagabond also reunites our two leads, Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy. They acted opposite of each other in the 2013 drama, Gu Family Book. Other filming locations include Lisbon, Portugal and Korea.

Network: SBS and Netflix
Year: 2019
Episodes: 32
Runtime: Friday & Saturdays @ 10:30am EST on Netflix
Cast: Lee Seung-gi, Bae Suzy, Shin Sung-rok
Where to watch: Netflix

***Spoilers Below***

The last episode ended with an introduction to the character Go Hae-ri, played by Suzy. Go Hae-ri confirms that the plane crash was an act of terrorism and that the co-pilot and terrorist were in on it together. Cha Dal-gun, played by Lee Seung-gi is thrown in jail for accusing another man of ransacking his hotel room. However, he is set free after Kim Ho-sik, one of the embassy staff bails him out.

A spider web of conspirators

Credit: SBS

What we learn is that the masterminds of the plan crash scandal is much more complicated and closer to our main characters than ever. The question who is the overlord? I don’t think the mastermind is Jessica Lee, the Asia president of the defense company John & Mark. It needs to be someone high up in the government, and based on some of the flashbacks we had in this episode, the scandal and people who are involved probably go back generations. In this episode alone, it looks like almost everyone involved with Go Hae-ri at the embassy and at the NIS are somehow implicated in this scandal.

Ki Tae-woong finally appears!!!

Credit: SBS

Our resident second male lead (played by Shin Sung-rok) finally appears. He also works at the NIS and is in charge of network security. When he first appeared, the drama makes it look like he is also one of the bad guys a.k.a. involved in the whole terrorist plane crash conspiracy. Later on, when he is notified that the plane crash conspiracy case is dropped, he genuinely looks disappointed, which makes it tough to know whether he’s one of the good guys or not. It’s too early to tell for sure, but I’ll put my money that he starts as one of the bad guys but ends up one of the good guys.

Lily is corny

Credit: SBS

This episode introduced a new character Lily, played by Park a-in. She is a freelance assassin who Jessica Lee pays to assassinate Cha Dal-gun. The whole time she was on-screen, I could only cringe at her corniness. When she introduces herself, she calls herself the ‘angel of death’. I thought that was funny.

Fake scene at the end was superb and clever

Credit: SBS

The scene at the very end of the episode shows Cha Dal-gun and Go Hae-ri returning back to Korea from Morocco. They decided to come back to Korea and work with the NIS to investigate the terrorist plane crash conspiracy. However, Lily and her group of hitmen are waiting at the airport to take Cha Dal-gun down.

As Cha Dal-gun and Go Hae-ri walk out of the airport gate, a hitman electrifies Cha Dal-gun and is goes down. Then an ambulance is called, and Cha Dal-gun is loaded onto the ambulance. Lily, impersonating a paramedic injects poison into Dal-gun and that was end game. At this point, I was so mad at Cha Dal-gun for getting beat so easily. He was hyped up as this insane martial artist so exceptional capabilities. I was genuinely pissed.

But immediately afterwards, the drama goes back in time, but to when Cha Dal-gun and Go Hae-ri are walking out of the airport gate. I then realize the scene I just saw was an IMAGINED SCENE, and that it was fake. This time, the hitman walks up to Cha Dal-gun and before he has a chance to stab Cha Dal-gun, Dal-gun sees his reflection and retaliates back. Now that is the Cha Dal-gun that I know. What a great ending and cliffhanger.

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