Here is our Vagabond Korean drama review and reaction to its 2nd episode. Vagabond just finished premiering its first week with 2 episodes. Here is my Korean drama review on Vagabond for EP 2. If you haven’t read my review and reaction for EP 1, go here.

The first Korean drama to film in Morocco, Vagabond also reunites our two leads, Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy. They acted opposite of each other in the 2013 drama, Gu Family Book. Other filming locations include Lisbon, Portugal and Korea.

Network: SBS and Netflix
Year: 2019
Episodes: 32Runtime: Friday & Saturdays
Cast: Lee Seung-gi, Bae Suzy, Shin Sung-rok
Where to watch: Netflix

***Spoilers Below***

The last episode ended with Cha Dal-geon propelling over a cliff after trying to chase down the mysterious man behind the plane crash. The episode started off with Cha Dal-geon anxiously telling ther other relatives of the victims that the attack was a terror attack and not an accident. He is told he is crazy and forced to continue to pursue the terrorist himself.

Go Hae-Ri is one of the good guys!

Credit: SBS

The mystery surrounding Go Hae-Ri seems to be solved for now. In episode 1, Go Hae-Ri looked like she was involved in the conspiracy to take down the plane. After episode 2, it looks like she is innocent and is helping to solve the mystery surrounding the plane crash with Dal-geon. I must admit, this twist of events makes the show a little less interesting. I was hoping she would be a double agent or even still have a bit of mystery to her.

Episode 2 was slow

Credit: SBS

Episode 2 spends its majority of the time developing the evidence needed for Go Hae-Ri to believe Dal-geon that the plane crash was an act of terror. They still have not caught mystery man or have developed his background. This is kind of disappointing. It is becoming a little cliche. We can all see where this is headed (they both team up and fight together). I was hoping for more twists between the two.

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