Vagabond premiered on Netflix today. Here is our Vagabond Korean drama review and reaction to its 1st episode. It did not disappoint. Vagabond is a highly anticipated Korean action-thriller drama that got me in the feelz from beginning to end. 

The first Korean drama to film in Morocco, Vagabond also reunites our two leads, Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy. They acted opposite of each other in the 2013 drama, Gu Family Book. Other filming locations include Lisbon, Portugal and Korea.

Network: SBS and Netflix
Year: 2019
Episodes: 32
Runtime: Friday & Saturdays
Cast: Lee Seung-gi, Bae Suzy, Shin Sung-rok
Where to watch: Netflix

***Spoilers Below***

Vagabond is an espionage drama about a stuntman Cha Dal-geon, played by Lee Seung-gi and a NIS agent Go Hae-Ri, played by Bae Suzy. Dal-geon gets caught up in a national corruption scandal while uncovering the mysteries surrounding a plane crash. The plane crash, which is the focus of the first episode had killed everyone onboard, including Dal-geon’s nephew. Grief-stricken, he is invited to attend a memorial near the plane crash. While there, he notices that one of the men who had boarded the plane is alive.

Dal-geon’s Head is Invincible

Credit: SBS

Dal-geon’s older brother past away, leaving Cha Hoon behind. Dal-geon raises his nephew, Cha Hoon as his own son. Both Dal-geon and Cha Hoon love martial arts. Dal-geon was part of the national taekwondo team that represented Seoul. A martial arts expert, he boasts about his degrees in hapkido, judo, kendo and kickboxing. While auditioning for a job as a stuntman at the Korea Action Center, he shows off his invincible skull by smashing his head against bricks.

Later on, after the plane crash, Dal-geon notices a mysterious man who is alive even though the man was on board the crashed plane. Dal-geon chases after him and finally catches up. The man slams a block of glass onto the back Dal-geon’s head. Most Korean dramas at this point would have had Dal-geon faint and then the scene would slowly transition as the camera fades and the attacker escapes. BUT not this time. After a moment of unconsciousness, Dal-geon, dizzy while getting back on his feet, and starts climbing over walls, parkours between roofs, and jump off a building as he continues to pursue the mystery man. 

Which side is Go Hae-Ri on?

Credit: SBS

There is still mystery surrounding the role Go Hae-Ri plays in regards to the plane crash as well as who she works for. Formally, Go Hae-Ri is an agent working for the National Intelligence Service of Korea. In the episode, a number of aerospace defense companies were selling their fighter jets to high-level Korean military officials. What we know is there are two prominent defense companies: Dynamic System and John & Mark. In order to ruin Dynamic System’s chances of winning the contract, John & Mark colluded to frame Dynamic System by purposefully causing the plane that was built by Dynamic System to crash. 

Based on the first episode, it looks like Go Hae-Ri was in on the conspiracy and helped with plotting the plane crash. It was also implied that she murdered a man who was going to warn the police about the pending plane crash. The question still unanswered is why she would help commit the crime if she is an agent of the NIS? There is probably more to this that will be revealed in the second episode, which will most likely focus on her past and story. 

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