Two of the most Insane and Twisted Korean Crime Dramas


These two insane and twisted Korean crime dramas are genuinely creepy and a little disturbing. But they deserve all the praise for so realistically connecting the audience with each scene and for keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. Both of these insane and twisted Korean crime dramas are so utterly dark, capturing a wide range of emotions and really taking you into the minds of each character.

1. Gap-dong

Credit: tvN

Network: tvN
Year: 2014
Cast: Yoon Sang-hyun, Sung Dong-il, Lee Joon
Where to watch: Viki

Based on the real-life unsolved Hwaseong serial murders, Gap-dong takes place 17 years in the future after the ‘unsolved Gap-dong serial killings’, in the fictional city of Iltan. Ha Moo-yeom (starring Yoon Sang-hyun) was only a kid when the murders took place. But the police detective at the time, Yang Cheol-gon (starring Sung Dong-il) is convinced that Moo-yeom’s father is the ‘Gap-dong’ killer. Not only that but one day Moo-yeom will inherit his father’s murderous nature.

In the present day, Moo-yeom works as a police detective in Iltan’s violent crimes unit. He wishes that a day will come when he can clear his father’s name from the murders. Cheol-gon is now a well-decorated officer. Cheol-gon returns to Iltan to finish the unresolved Gap-dong killings once-and-for-all. The two work together, albeit very testy with each other at a time when the town undergoes a series of ‘copycat Gap-dong murders’. 

2. Save Me

Credit: OCN

Network: OCN
Year: 2017
Cast: Ok Taec-yeon, Seo Ye-ji, Jo Sung-ha
Where to watch: Viki

I have never seen anything like this drama. This is really an outlier genre in drama-land. Im Sang-mi (starring Seo Ye-ji) lives trapped by a life she has no control over. First, she witnesses the suicide of her disabled brother. Sang-mi and her family are overcome with sadness and her mother becomes mentally unstable.

Soon, they are offered support and taken in by a mysterious cult and its church ‘Goosunwon’. They are told to worship the ‘Almighty’ by obeying and dedicating their lives to the leader of the cult, Father Baek Jung Ki (starring Jo Sung Ha).

One day, Han Sang-hwan (starring Ok Taec-yeon) gets into an accident when one of the followers of the cult accidentally hits the rear of Sang-hwan’s motorbike with a van. Sang-hwan notices Sang mi in the van and in the most desperate tone, she looks him in the eye and whispers, “Save Me”. Wow.


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