Chinese Wuxia dramas will always have a place in my heart but this is going to be about the crazy adventures of Korean martial heros starring in the top wuxia korean drama. For anyone unfamiliar with Wuxia, Wuxia refers to a genre of Chinese fiction that revolves around martial arts and depicts sometimes a ‘chosen one’ who through martial training and internal energy cultivation is able to reach levels of supernatural fighting abilities. The below Korean dramas have hints of the Wuxia flavor in a realistic portrayal and all depict a Hero’s Journey which makes it so satisfying to watch.

1. Six Flying Dragons

Six Flying Dragons
Credit: SBS

Let me explain. There’s a lot of sword-fighting here, and probably some of the coolest sword-fighting scenes in all of Korean drama. Basically, there are 6 ‘chosen ones’ or dragons that come together and chosen by the future King to help him root out evil and bring peace to the Kingdom. This show is based on the true story of Taejong of Joseon, the third king of the Joseon dynasty. Just check out the massive air our boy catches mid-strike.

Genre: Historical Action
Year: 2015
Network: SBS

2. Chuno

Credit: KBS

There’s something raw about Chuno. Not a lot of royalty or fashion in this one. However, there are a lot of physicality and running. This one is a fighting machine backed by a tragic love story of two men from different worlds who form a subtle bromance while loving the same woman. Only one can have the lady, so whose it gonna be??

Genre: Historical Action
Year: 2010
Network: KBS
Where to watch: Amazon Prime Videos

3. Warrior Baek Dong Soo

Warrior Baek Dong-Soo
Credit: KBS

Warrior Baek Dong Soo has a dark aura to it. Two kids grow up together and end up walking two different paths. Everything about them is so different but they develop a sweet bromance (possibly with more chemistry than any of them had with the main lead actress who was the love interest). Also, there is a very powerful assassins clan which features a badass swordsman played by Choi min soo!

Genre: Historical/Romance/Action
Year: 2011
Network: KBS
Where to watch: Viki

4. Emperor of the Sea

Emperor of the Sea
Credit: KBS

This one’s an oldie (relatively) but goodie. Classic story of two boys who have nothing but the urge to make something of themselves. In order to climb their way to the top, a master of martial arts teaches them the way of the sword in order to protect themselves. Their goal: to become to Emperor of the Sea. 

Genre: Historical/Romance/Action
Year: 2004
Network: KBS

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