Top 5 Reasons why Penthouse is the GOAT Makjang Korean Drama

We are going to talk about 5 reasons why Korean drama Penthouse is the new King of Makjang in Korean Drama land. Makjang refers to shows that give off over-the-top, taking things too far, exaggerated or in my opinion, give off crazy vibes.

These types of shows make you LOL at how extreme and absurd situations can get. Most likely, plots in Makjang dramas are too far-fetched to happen in real life.

Because they don’t happen in real life, that’s why we love them so much. Especially Makjangs that aren’t too serious and actually end up comically poking fun at themselves.

Penthouse is 100% Makjang ingredients and here are 5 reasons why.

[A bit of a spoiler alert]…

1. When you thought they died…

credit: SBS

But they come back a few episodes or a season later! Penthouse doesn’t just have 1 or 2 revivals from the dead. It’s almost a requirement in order to be a part of the main cast!

So don’t start crying too early…

2. Am I my mother’s child?

At this point, everyone is related somehow. Either be it switching babies at birth, their mothers or their siblings, I have never seen a show with more than one baby switched but this show seems to make it a habit quite nicely.

Credit: SBS

3. Let’s get crazy together

You can’t survive in this show if you weren’t drinking something lunaticious. It’s survival of the nutty out here. As u/myweithisway says, the fewer characters with moral compasses, the more Makjang it gets.

In this show, most characters don’t even think twice about the consequences of murder. P.S. there is no inner dialogue of redemption. Either kill or get killed.

Credit: SBS

4. Get ready for screams, betrayals and…barking

Betrayal is a granted trait to everyone in the show (except maybe 1 or 2 characters). It’s everyone for themselves until money is involved.

Money can also make you bark for the right price…

Here is a compilation of Cheon Seo-jin (played by Kim So-Yeon) screaming for almost 4 minutes straight

Credit: SBS

5. When 2 seasons aren’t enough

The show just keeps making more seasons (yes, please!). It could have had a solid ending by season 2 but noooo the fans want more of this addicting Makjang. This is literally the meaning of taking things too far.

Credit: SBS

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