Here is our Psychopath Diary Korean drama review so far. Psychopath Diary just finished its third week and going very strong in cable ratings in the Wednesday and Thursday time slots.

If you haven’t started watching tvN’s Psychopath Diary yet..good! Because you are in for a surprise binge. Either start now or wait until January 9th, 2020 for the entire series to air. It’ll be worth the wait, of course.

So far, episode 6 just finished airing. I’ll be talking a bit about the funny bits and what makes this show so great below.

If you don’t yet know the synopsis for the show, click here for the intro.

Network: tvN
Year: 2019
Episodes: 16
Runtime: Wednesday and Thursday
Cast: Yoon Shi-yoon, Jung In-sun, Park Sung-hoon
Where to watch: Viki

Credit: tvN

***Spoilers Below***

So much confusion!

This show tops our list for the most confused characters ever in a Korean drama. What I mean is no one knows exactly what the heck who is who, who did what and what anyone wants. And that is what makes it so FUN. So far, our main male lead Yook Dong-sik (starring Shim Bo-kyung) is confusing by thinking he’s a serial murderer and trying to protect himself from the police for his “crimes” even though he’s actually a nice guy. Our main villian, Seo In-Woo (starring Park Sung-hoon) first thought Dong-Sik was actually a murderer but now thinks Dong-sik is coming after him. Our main female lead Shim Bo-kyung (starring Jung In-sun) keeps going back and forth in deciding whether Dong-Sik is an evil or nice guy. Bottom line, everyone is confused but Seo In-Woo for sure wins the most confused award. Too funny.

Best Gangster Award: Heo Sung-Tae

Best Gangster award for Bromance this series goes to Heo Sung-Tae who plays Jang Chil-Sung. At first, Jang Chil-Sung is a drunken gangster who lives upstairs to Dong-Sik. When Dong-Sik pretends to be the psychopath serial murderer that he really isn’t, Chil-Sung gets goosebumps and immediately thinks Dong-Sik is the real deal. After Dong-Sik helps Chil-Sung with a favor, Chil-Sung pledges his undying loyalty to Dong-Sik and becomes his mini sidekick.

PS: Bromance Please?!

Would love to see more interactions and possibly bonding between Dong-Sik and Seo In-woo. I mean, Dong-sik is “protecting” him right?

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