Miss Lee, the new tvN Korean Drama premiered episode 1 yesterday. Here is our Miss Lee Korean drama review and reaction to episode 1. It did not disappoint. Miss Lee is a highly anticipated Korean workplace-drama that has a twist like no other drama ever!

Quick Summary: Miss Lee is about an innocent employee who becomes the CEO of the company she works at.

Miss Lee is very, very unique. There aren’t many office dramas that are like it. Most office dramas start as some sort of budding office romance (Jugglers), or arrogant chaebol main lead (What’s wrong with Secretary Kim). Others are a more passionate and motivating office everyday slice-of-life drama (Miseang, which I highly recommend). 

Miss Lee is going to be similar to Miseang. Maybe there will be a bit of romance, but I see it developing into a motivating, everyday office struggle drama that embraces a main character that starts off as timid, naive but has an optimistic outlook. 

Network: tvN
Year: 2019
Episodes: 16
Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday
Cast: Lee Hye-ri, Kim Sang-kyung, Uhm Hyun-kyung
Where to watch: Check out Reddit’s /r/kdrama subreddit

If you haven’t watched the episode yet, stop here and scroll down later!
***Spoilers Below***

She’s gonna be CEO?!

Credit: tvN

What a twist! I did not see this coming (due to not reading the synopsis ahead of time). Lee Seon-sim or ‘Miss Lee’ starts off bringing coffee for everyone, over-apologizing, and doing menial labor. Basically being treated as a servant. I thought this was going to be a show about the struggling life of an office employee. Each episode was going to pull at our heartstrings as she encounters obstacles and tribulations. But what this drama has in store is 100x better. It’s going to be the CEO struggling to save her company and I hope it succeeds! 

Koo Ji-na is a villain, but not THE villain

Credit: tvN

I don’t think Koo Ji-na is going to be the real villain of the show. But she look like it so far. Ji Na has been accused of betraying her fellow colleagues by selling them to-be-worthless stock. She then runs away with the money, nowhere to be found at the end of the episode. In retrospect, she this wasn’t her first time stealing money. Can’t wait to see what her story really is. She’s a villain but I don’t think she’s the arch-enemy for Miss Lee.

Hostile workplace?

Credit: tvN

Definitely a dramatization of workplace culture…or maybe it’s a peek into the realities of a hostile work environment. Korean office dramas often have this over-the-top rude, bad manner shouting, throwing tantrums and belittling others. I predict this drama will depict the office workers changing their ill-mannered ways gradually now that ‘Miss Lee’ becomes their CEO. 

Spin-the-bottle CEO

Credit: tvN

I thought she was going to become the CEO because she would default to be the major shareholder of the company. That way of becoming CEO would have been much better than just winning by spin-the-bottle. I hope there’s more to this in the next episode. What I really hope for is by buying the stock from Ji-Na, Miss Lee ends up as the major stockholder CEO and becomes a millionaire later on! That would be the ultimate revenge against Ji-Na.

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