Psychopath diary has combined the action of crime dramas, the mystery of ghost dramas, and the classic comedy acts of Korean dramas into a beautifully made story so far. Psychopath diary premiered on November 20th, 2019 and airs on tVn every Wednesday and Thursday.

The show starts out as a melodrama. Yook Dong-Sik (starring Yoon Si-Yoon) works at a securities broker and is often pushed around by others. Because of his timid personality and his inability to stand up for himself, everyone from his family members to coworkers try to take advantage of him. Pretty sad intro.

Network: tvN
Year: 2019
Episodes: 16
Runtime: Wednesday and Thursday
Cast: Yoon Shi-yoon, Jung In-sun, Park Sung-hoon
Where to watch: Viki

Credit: tvN

Quick Synopsis:

One day, while lamenting about his own life and contemplating suicide, he witnesses an attempted murder by a serial killer. Afraid and not knowing what to do, he accidentally picks up a diary that happens to have been kicked near him. He runs away before the killer could identify him. And this is how the crux of his whirlwind story starts.

After running away, Yook Dong-Sik is accidentally hit by a police car while trying to alert to police about the attempted murder. LOL. The impact triggers his sad self to hit his head against a fire hydrant. Next thing we know, he has amnesia.

Now this is still the beginning, and when I saw it was a fast and classic K-drama amnesia, I was a little bit annoyed at first. But I can tell you, it is the most interesting type of amnesia. Because it’s an amnesia that I DON’T MIND him not waking up to. In the case of most K-drama amnesias, we want to character to hurry up and regain their memory. But in this case…please don’t :).

And the reason why is that after suffering from memory loss, Yook Dong-Sik starts reading the diary that he had on him, and soon realizes that he is in fact a murderer. Not a clumsy pushover loser, but a PSYCHOPATH MURDERER. It becomes really hard for him to accept the fact that he’s actually a murderer because he notices his instincts tend to be more soft and foolish. But soon, he gains confidence and dominates those against him when he starts to accept what he believes is his violent personality.

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