Lee Young-Ae makes Korean Drama comeback in Inspector Koo

Upcoming action-thriller drama Inspector Koo features Lee Young-Ae (Jewel in the Palace), Kim Hye-jun (Kingdom), and Kwak Sun-young (Hospital Playlist), in its latest teaser. In Korean drama Inspector Koo, the main character, Lee Young-Ae, is a former police officer, but now works as an insurance investigator and a private detective.

Lee Young-Ae plays Koo Kyung-Yi, a former police officer who now works as an insurance investigator. While investigating a case, she comes across a serial murder that was made to look like an accidental murder to defraud insurance money. She tries to catch the serial killer, who is a female college student known as ‘K’, played by Kim Hye-Jun.

It is not a too serious show as it does look like it errs on being an action-comedy.

This is Lee Young-Ae’s return to drama after 4 years!

There will be 12 episodes starting on Oct. 30 premiering internationally on Netflix here.

The finale will air Dec. 5.

Here is the trailer!

Credits: JTBC

Looks like she is a gamer!

Credit: JTBC

The character became a recluse after the death of her husband. She spends her time playing games and drinking alcohol. However, an incident occurs (possibly the murder), which causes her to transform to the picture below!

Credit: JTBC

Posters of Kim Hye Joon (the second lead):

Credit: JTBC
Credit: JTBC

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