The Korean crime-drama “The Good Detective” is good but doesn’t deliver the icing on the cake. The plot is nice and neat, characters are rational but the lack of mystery due to it’s progressively predictable storyline lessens it’s potential to have been even more gripping, intense and exciting. It is still a good show, just not on the levels of K-drama crime masterpieces like Stranger or Voice.

Star Rating:

Network: JTBC / Netflix (international)
Year: 2020
Episodes: 16
Runtime: Mon. & Tues.
Main Cast: Son Hyun-Joo, Jang Seung-Jo, Lee Elijah
Where to watch: Netflix (US)

“The Good Detective” puts a lens on an issue of our day: the death penalty. Two detectives become symbols of hope for an innocent man convicted for a crime he was framed for years ago and nows faces the death penalty. They tackle criminals (literally) while the plot breaks our hearts. What really casts a dark shadow on our emotions is the inevitable realization that the powerless are only walking on the steps laid out by the powerful.

This paragraph may be a bit SPOILER ALERT: But what it’s missing from an avid K-drama crime-triller fan is it’s twists. It does have a layer of mystery that keeps us guessing but soon we realize the culprit is this or that. It lacks a second layer of mystery that keeps us shocked at new discoveries. I was waiting for the real culprit to be a big surprise but it soon dawned on me that it was only going to be a short contest between this one or that one.

“The Good Detective” is filled with all types of chemistry – like an unlikely bromance between a young rockstar detective and a hardened veteran detective or a soft light-hearted blossoming romance.

If “The Good Detective” was a longer series, I would love to have seen it give me depth to the antagonists and supporting characters, especially in how crucial their actions eventually end up as holes in the plot. However, “The Good Detective” is a winning one overall, with a playful sense of humor and good heart to tackle a controversial issue. It won’t be the plot that makes “The Good Detective” a must watch. This movie has it, though I wish it had a bit more to put the icing on the cake. 

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