Netflix’s hottest Korean drama, Crash Landing On You is hot fire, so here is a review of the show so far. ‘Crash Landing on You‘ stars two big names: Hyun Bin (Secret Garden, Hyde Jekyll, Me, and Memories of the Alhambra) and Son Ye-jin (Personal Taste, Something in the Rain).

Ratings-wise, the last episode just hit ~16% on cable TV. It’s so full of itself, episode 10 features a cameo by Kim Soo-Hyun reprising his role from Secretly, Greatly where he played a North Korean spy living in Seoul.

Network: tvN / Netflix (international)
Year: 2019/2020
Episodes: 16
Runtime: Friday & Saturday
Cast: Hyun Bin, Son Ye-jin, Kim Jung-hyun, Seo Ji-hye
Where to watch: Netflix

Credit: tvN

The chemistry between the two main leads is…addicting. If we measured the chemistry between the two using a thermostat, every scene in the drama where they are together would thrust the thermostat into uncharted levels.

Credit: tvN

Balance. Just as Chefs have special recipes to cook with, this show has a special recipe of its own: a balance between the romance, the action, the sad and the funny. It’s not all romance, but just the right amount to keep the juices flowing. Watching this show will get a whole slew of different emotions out of you.

Credit: tvN

The Rich. Some of us really like watching dramas about the rich and powerful. If you do, this one is for you. Both main leads in the drama come from powerful families. Dramas with rich and powerful characters (e.g. My Love from the Star, Secret Garden, Boys Over Flowers, etc, etc) tend to do well and are fun to watch.

Plot. The plot is very good, though sometimes unrealistic in its portrayal. There are multiple storylines going on, each with a purpose to tie it all back for the finale. The show is breaking ground in concept too. I haven’t seen or watched anything similar to the plot at all and I watch a lot of Korean dramas. And this is exactly the reason why the show is so good. It’s so hard to predict what is going to happen next!

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