Black Dog, the new tvN Korean Drama premiered last month, so a little late to the game. Anyhow, here is the Black Dog Korean drama review and reaction to episode 1! tvN is always so on-point with their dramas. Black Dog is doing amazing on the ratings, hitting 6% on cable TV. This is one of those Korean dramas that is telling a message to the audience, in the form of reality and values about life. I like that. It’s not one of those dramas you can just watch while distracted.

Quick Summary: Black Dog is about a hardworking young teacher who holds a dark past and wants to do right by aspiring to become a teacher.

The first episode was really pulling on my heartstrings. Most other Korean school dramas focus on students, their struggles and how they overcome them. Black Dog looks like it’s really similar to that, except the focus is on teachers and their struggles as they balance right and wrong.

I’m really excited since I have only watched one episode. There were moments in the first episode where I really hated the main character and then moments when I couldn’t help but sympathize with her situation.

Network: tvN
Year: 2019
Episodes: 16
Runtime: Monday & Tuesday
Cast: Seo Hyun-jin, Ra Mi-ran, Ha Joon
Where to watch: Check out Reddit’s /r/kdrama subreddit OR Viki

If you haven’t watched the episode yet, stop here and scroll down later!
***Spoilers Below***

This show starts out pretty dark. This really puts a magnifying glass on the grim realities of mismanagement and corruption of the system.

Kim Young-ha is a BOSS

Credit: tvN

Kim Young-ha is the sacrifice who lays the foundation for this drama. The show is using his character as a symbol of a great teacher’s heart and the courage of selfless humanity. This scene is all about the contrast between two choices and it is so ironic. The real teacher doesn’t sacrifice for the student but the “fake” teacher (Kim Young-ha) does sacrifice. Who indeed is more of a t̶e̶a̶c̶h̶e̶r̶ human then?

Is this a Political Drama? Oh, right.

Credit: tvN

I almost forgot I was watching a drama about teachers. First, the interactions and conflicts that go down in this show almost mirror a political drama where it’s all about the subtle jabs and knockdowns. It’s refreshing to see such a political-style show play itself out in a school setting. Second, the part where the teachers are in the cafeteria eating and they act all mean to Go Ha-neul (our main character, played by Seo Hyun-jin) and then bully her makes it look like a scene from Mean Girls, albeit teachers instead of students.

The dad most definitely stole that blazer

Credit: tvN

There’s a scene where Ha-neul’s dad gives Ha-neul a blazer for her to wear on her first day at school. When Ha-neul asks her dad where he got the jacket from, he says that her mom bought it years ago for Ha-neul to wear when Ha-neul finally becomes a teacher. Now Ha-neul’s dad owns a dry cleaning business. A few scenes later we see that he’s talking to a customer and the customer accuses Ha-neul’s dad of stealing clothes, to which he denies. ha..ha. Bad dad, but good on him for caring about his daughter.

Go Ha-Neul! Go and Fight!

Credit: tvN

I admit, there were moments in this show that I really felt disdain for Go Ha-Neul. The weak mentality and the inability for her to stand up for herself. Mid-show it looked like she lacked a backbone and wouldn’t be able to survive at the school. Thank goodness it got better towards to end. I can’t wait for her to gain the respect of the teachers and show them how smart and capable she is. This drama is one of those that portray values and morals and Korean Dramas are the best at that. There is really something peaceful and strong about this show. Can’t wait to watch more.

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