Here are top 4 run-and-chase Korean action dramas that will satisfy the thirst for sweet justice. These thrillers feature chasing bad guys, saving close loved ones, taking down the evil mob boss and much more. Below are the top 4 thriller-action Korean dramas.

1. My Beautiful Bride

Credit: OCN

Network: OCN
Year: 2015
Cast: Kim Mu-yeol, Lee Si-young, Ko Sung-hee
Where to watch: Viki

The quiet, but deadly assassin. Yeah, I was referring to the main lead because he is a devastated and scarred badass who is about to wreck havoc on those who cross him. Kim Do Hyung (starring Kim Mu-yeol) lives a comfortable life as a go-getter banking executive from a wealthy family. He has been dating his girlfriend Yoon Joo-young (starring Ko Sung-hee) for two years now and is ready to propose soon.

Suddenly, right when they are about to be engaged, Joo-young disappears leaving no trace behind. Do-Hyung files a missing-person report with the police but the report is treated with neglect. When Do-Hyung starts to dig around on his own, he enters the world of a secret organization filled with violence and power.

When Song Hak-Soo (starring Lee Jae-yong) a key member of the shadowy organization turns up dead, Do Hyung suddenly becomes the prime suspect for the murder. Police accuse him for the murder of both Hak-soo and Joo-young. This pisses him off since Joo-young is still missing. Can Do-hyung find Joo-young and clear his name before the police catches up to him?

2. Two Weeks

Credit: MBC

Network: MBC
Year: 2013
Cast: Lee Joon-gi, Park Ha-sun, Kim So-yeon
Where to watch: Viki

Two Weeks is a non-stop action-packed chase featuring gangsters, love and redemption. Tae-san (starring Lee Joon-gi) is a third-rate gangster. He falls in love with Seo In-hye (starring Park Ha-sun), a college student whom he gets pregnant.

He decides to quit the mob to start a new life with In-hye but is stopped by the mob boss Moon Il-seok (starring Jo Min-ki) and is forced to go to prison in place of Il-seok. Tae-san has no option but to tell In-hye to abort the child and then heartlessly breaks up with her.

Eight years later, Tae-san is released from prison and one day, In-hye comes to visit him. She tells him that she kept the child and that the child needs bone marrow transplant. Tae-san finds out that he is a match and agrees to have the surgery in 2 weeks.

However, all hell breaks loose as he is soon framed for murder and becomes a fugitive on the run. He now needs to stave off capture and fight to stay alive in order to save his daughter. This show was also a breakthrough from Song Jae-Rim, who played the antagonistic killer. 

3. Squad 38

Credit: OCN

Network: OCN
Year: 2016
Cast: Ma Dong-seok, Seo In-guk, Sooyoung
Where to watch: Viki

In order to protect the country and make sure taxes are appropriately paid, government worker Baek Sung Il (starring Ma Dong Seok) assembles an Avengers squad. The squad comprises of a dexterous con-man, voice phishing expert, genius hacker and others. Together, they chase down the rich who evade paying taxes, all while learning more about themselves and leaning on each other.

4. Bad Guys

Credit: OCN

Network: OCN
Year: 2016
Cast: Ma Dong-seok, Seo In-guk, Sooyoung
Where to watch: Netflix

Similar to Squad 38 but a little darker with the traditional police action, Detective Oh Gu-tak (starring Kim Sang-joong) is sick of catching criminals the old way. With the growing number of violent crimes in his city, Gu-tak gets approval to form a team made up of criminals in order to chase criminals. Gu-tak releases a genius psychopath, a mob boss and a hit-man all from prison. At first, there’s a lot of tension but they start to work together to track down felons running around in his city. 

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