2PM’s Lee Jun-ho makes Korean drama comeback in The Red Sleeve

Upcoming historical-romance Korean drama The Red Sleeve features Lee Jun-ho (Confession) and Lee Se-young (Kairos) in its latest teaser. Korean drama The Red Sleeve depicts a love story between King Jeongjo played by Lee Jun-ho and royal concubine Uibin Sung played by Lee Se-young.

This is a story of love that also comes with sacrifice. From Sung Deok-Im’s perspective, she wants to live freely, but marrying the King will mean giving up on that freedom. Yet, it looks like she still accepts. I wonder why..

Red Sleeve is adapted from the novel “The Sleeve’s Red Cuff” (옷소매 붉은 끝동) by Kang Mi Kang.

This is a hyped up show with potential because there could be great chemistry between the two leads.

Looks like the show won’t end with only them together, but it will span their time together and potentially their marriage life with kids. It does feel like this one isn’t going to have a happy ending though…we will see.

The drama series marks the drama comeback for Lee Jun-ho after being discharged from the military earlier this year.

There will be 16 episodes starting on Nov. 12 premiering internationally on Viki here.

Here is the trailer!

Credit: MBC
Credit: MBC
Credit: MBC

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